This project is a colorful exploration of the interplay between two seemingly contrasting mediums: watercolor paints (a fluid substrate) and Polaroid pictures (a fixed projection). Each has its own unique charm, and it's in their marriage that I find myself endlessly intrigued.

Watercolor’s playful and tactile nature encourages me to embrace spontaneity and serendipity. Photography, conversely, requires conceptual thinking and calculation when creating a photograph.

My fascination lies in merging these two worlds. I use watercolors to infuse new life into Polaroid photos. With a playful touch, I transform the mundane into the magical, adding whimsical drips, splashes, and running lines of watercolor paint to scenes frozen in time.

The transparency of watercolors on Polaroid I-type film blends seamlessly yet takes hours to dry without the help of a blow dryer, and sometimes a dehydrator set at 118 degrees Fahrenheit. I aim to create a visual harmony that dances between the separate mediums of painting and instant film photography.

Through this playful union, I aim to provoke inspiration and imagination. I want viewers of this series to take any medium they work with to the next level by adding wild, unpredictable elements to their art for the pure sake of joy. You never know what might come out doing so and who you will inspire.

I invite you to join me on this artistic journey where every Polaroid becomes a canvas, and every brushstroke, a celebration of the unpredictable.

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