In the liminal spaces where day and night coalesce, my Polaroid photography series seeks to capture the ephemeral beauty that emerges from this delicate balance. Through my lens, I explore the transformative power of light, showcasing moments of transition as they unfold before me.

My images are not mere snapshots of time but rather a meditation on the intricate interplay between natural and artificial illumination. In the realm of Polaroid photography, I find a unique canvas that allows me to freeze these fleeting moments in a tangible form, preserving the ethereal in a world often characterized by relentless motion.

Each photograph in this series represents a carefully orchestrated dance between two distinct worlds. The daylight, with its soft and warm embrace, gradually surrenders to the enchanting mystery of nightfall. In these moments, urban landscapes and natural scenery undergo a metamorphosis, revealing a hidden narrative that can only be unearthed through the lens.

This collection has been showcased internationally, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound contrasts and harmonies that emerge when day and night converge. It is my hope that these images inspire reflection on the transient nature of existence, inviting us to appreciate the beauty that emerges in the spaces between light and darkness.

Through Polaroid photography, I strive to connect with audiences on an emotional level, offering them a glimpse into the timeless and enchanting realm where day and night embrace, forever frozen in an instant.

The limited edition photo book "People Are Starting to Notice" featured part of this series and was temporarily stocked and sold out at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the Fall of 2022).

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