Devoid of a painter yet still featuring an easel, these images are meant to be thought-provoking - posing the question; does art exist outside the frame?

In collaboration with artist Kai Atticus, I was able to reunite sand to its molten and refined state (reflective glass). By using a mirror as a canvas, we reflected the desert’s unseen beauty organically.

Just like mirrors are made from sand, traditional art is often made on an easel (bordered by a stretched wooden canvas). Kai and I worked backwards - taking art’s tradition and stretching it instead onto a reflective canvas - a mirror bordered white.

People often view the desert as an unforgiving or uninteresting place, but the desert contained truly unseen beauty - reflected, bordered, and constrained within our easel.

Kai Atticus took his own life sometime in January of 2022. He was found dead in his apartment days after his death. This project will forever commemorate him.

Thank you, Kai. You changed the lives of many individuals and you saved mine. How lucky we are to have had you.

Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop

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