My role at Gertmenian was all-encompassing. I was responsible for creating marketing materials, campaigns, and building social media accounts from the ground up. 

I created Gertmenian's social creative content and strategy, produced and implemented a new branding deck, and designed a new vector logo for the company to use internationally.  

I produced and edited high-volume photography/videography daily on cranes,  for big box retailers such as Costco, Walmart, and Home Depot, while adhering to distributers' complex asset rules and regulations for B2B transaction compliance. For this reason, I also managed warehouse staff as a creative. 

I also designed a new mobile-responsive eCommerce-based website for Gertmenian.

My biggest achievement: My efforts marketing Disney game/toy rugs for Target (sold in-store and online) nationwide, increased Gertmenian's overall profit by 18% in Q3, 2020.

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