My intention when creating the design, social media content, banking cards, and packaging for BankWithFair was to create a product that was clean, contemporary, and high-end while embodying a sense of approachability and oneness with one’s natural environment. The minimalist design gives an air of mystery and seduction. The fonts and motifs used within the design are of a geometric quality, alluding to the likes of the modern aesthetic targeting the right audience. The background images on the brochures, cardholder, and boxes represent inclusion, diversity, and fair banking. 

“With ethical online banking, lending, investments, and insurance managed in one place, we will change the way we look, think, talk, and feel about banking.”

In addition, the cards, packaging, and logo literally point the user along on a journey to use the cards and insert them into a chip reader, tying to the ideals of function and purpose.

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