"Vanity" - Barbie Still Life Series

Published May 10, 2024

About the Curator: Audrey Wolfe

Audrey Wolfe is an Assistant Curator at Saatchi Art. 

She has an M.A. in Art History from the University of Kentucky and a B.A. in Art History from Centre College. 

Her favorite contemporary artists include Ai Weiwei, Eva Hesse, and El Anatsui.


Day vs. Night Juxtaposition Polaroids

Published April 14, 2024

About The Book

I created the series of photographs you'll find throughout the book out of a love of dialectics, the synthesis of opposites. Where there is light, there is also darkness. With the series, I hope to inspire people that when we’re faced with dark times in life, we can also find the available light. 

The daytime half, imbued with warm tones, represents the bustling life of capitalism, while the cool, serene nighttime image symbolizes the unseen beauty, creativity, and exploration that takes a back seat in our work-centric lives. Through these images, I subtly critique the capitalistic society that prioritizes work over art, creativity, and exploration.

Details & Dimensions

The first edition of Day vs. Night Hardcover run by Lenny Gerard (2024) 

Bound hardback

203mm x 203mm

22 pages 

19 images 

About the special edition: Each print run is numbered inside and an edition of 100

Signed by Lenny Gerard on Semi-gloss photo paper 

Printed on archival photo paper 20.32 x 20.32 cm / 8" x 8" 0.5 cm / 0.2" white border.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery Time: Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments when in stock. If on backorder/out of stock, shipping will occur once the book has been printed on demand by publisher (which takes about a week).

Returns: The purchase of photography, artwork, and books as produced and shipped by the artist are all final sale.

Shipped in box. 

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

(For distribution requests, bulk orders, or all other inquiries and  customizations please email lenny@lennygerard.com)


Published March 11, 2024


"Join the biggest damn pop-up art extravaganza to shake North America in the past decade! We're 14 years deep, serving up piping hot FREE PANCAKES and unleashing the freshest talent this nation has to offer.

This LA-born bash exploded onto the scene in 2009 and has since brought the ruckus to 40+ cities across Europe & North America over 500 times." 

When: Friday, APRIL 19th & Saturday, APRIL 20th.

Where: LOT 613, 613 Imperial St, 

Los Angeles, CA 90021

ACCEPTANCE into CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE to be featured at REINA SOFIA MUSEUM, ARCOmadrid art fair, ARCOlisboa art fair, and TAMA ART UNIVERSITY in Tokyo

Published Feb 17, 2024

                       Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Gallery Photos


Mohamed Benhadj, one of the most influential art curators from Algeria with a decade in the international field of contemporary art., is the icon of performance art known for his audacious and avant-garde style since his first beginnings in Algiers in 2010.

Driven by his vision of a common global platform to provide growth opportunities to emerging artists in contemporary art, Benhadj established Al-Tiba9 in 2013. His focus has been on the international exhibition of modern art, performance, and fashion design, promoting the exchange between art institutions and artists gathering in an Arab social-cultural environment. 

Being the booster of the International Cultural Exchange in contemporary art in Algeria, he strengthened the possibilities of change and growth for international artists by exchanging and promoting art on a broader level.

In 2014, Mohamed extended his philosophy to Barcelona, Spain, where he gave his art exhibitions in 2017 a new touch by merging performance and fashion design as an alternative platform for independent designers to freely express themselves and introduce them to the art world. 

Mohamed Benhadj has been carrying on his journey for over ten years now where he has collaborated with the Ministry of Culture, Museums, Art Institutions, Embassies, and Art Centers, becoming the most active curator from Algeria to establish his big art gallery in the heart of Barcelona representing a mix of Eastern and Western artists with a special focus in African and middle eastern art.

His goal is to create a new pole of contemporary art in North Africa, creating a solid cultural bridge between the East and the West by offering the world a unique experience of creativity, possibility, and growth like no other around the globe.

Reina Sofía Museum is home to a large collection of modern and contemporary Spanish art renowned throughout the world. Inside find works by Dalí, Miró and Juan Gris, alongside the museum's masterpiece, Guernica.

ARCOmadrid is Spain’s International Contemporary Art Fair which, since its creation, has been one of the main contemporary art market platforms.

ARCOlisboa 2023  turned the Portuguese capital into a meeting place for collectors, gallery owners, artists and professionals from all over the world.

Under the slogan of "Made by Hands", it is today one of Japan's leading art schools, winning both national and international recognition.

Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia

The Museo Reina Sofía opened its doors in 1990 to show contemporary Spanish art in relation to the international context. Its collection consists of more than 20,000 works from the late nineteenth century to the present, five percent of which is exhibited at the Museum and includes works by artists such as Pablo PicassoJoan MiróSalvador DalíJuan GrisGeorges BraqueYves KleinRobert MotherwellFrancis BaconRichard SerraAlexander CalderRené MagritteAntoni MuntadasMichelangelo PistolettoSol LeWitt or Marcel Broodthaers, among many more. The centerpiece is Guernica (1937), by Pablo Picasso.


Published Feb 15, 2024



Published Jan. 26, 2024

Article Quote #1

"While gear undeniably plays a crucial role, I firmly believe that it’s the photographer’s eye that ultimately crafts a stunning photograph."- Lenny Gerard

Article Quote #2

"I think print is more important now than ever. A printed photograph encapsulates the essence of a work, bearing immense significance and enduring permanence. It embodies the truest form of photography — something to be displayed, cherished, and preserved eternally.”

Article Quote #3

“In my creative journey, the distinction between creating art in-camera and through post-processing fades into insignificance. Both avenues provide an equal sense of accomplishment and joy, for each allows me to craft something meaningful from nothing. The medium doesn’t define the fulfillment; the act of creation itself is what brings satisfaction.”

About Phoblographer

The Phoblographer publishes on our website daily. Their content varies from thought pieces, opinions, reviews, tutorials, roundups, deals, and more. 

Photoblographer has been quoted and referenced all around the web in the BBCLATimes (more than once), NYTimesCTVGlamourCreativeLiveShutterstockArtrepreneurs1 Hour PhotoPop PhotoLook4WardCreative BoomNeatoramaBuzzfeedTony and Chelsea ShowHarvardThe VergeViceThe GuardianHuffington PostMSNWiredYahooCNetZDNetEngadgetGizmodoTechRadar, and much more. Their content is included in various high school lesson plans around the world.

About The Author - Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He provides oversight to all of the daily tasks, including editorial, administrative, and advertising work. Chris's editorial work includes not only editing and scheduling articles but also writing them himself. He's the author of various product guides, educational pieces, product reviews, and interviews with photographers. He's fascinated by how photographers create, considering the fact that he's legally blind./ 

HIGHLIGHTS: Chris used to work in Men's lifestyle and tech. He's a veteran technology writer, editor, and reviewer with more than 15 years of experience. He's also a Photographer who has had his share of bylines and viral projects like "Secret Order of the Slice." PAST BYLINES: Gear Patrol, PC Mag, Geek.com, Digital Photo Pro, Resource Magazine, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, IGN, PDN, and others. 

EXPERIENCE: Chris Gampat began working in tech and art journalism both in 2008. He started at PCMag, Magnum Photos, and Geek.com. He founded the Phoblographer in 2009 after working at places like PDN and Photography Bay. He left his day job as the Social Media Content Developer at B&H Photo in the early 2010s. Since then, he's evolved as a publisher using AI ethically, coming up with ethical ways to bring in affiliate income, and preaching the word of diversity in the photo industry. 


Emerging Gallery - Downtown Los Angeles, Feb 1st - March 1st

Published Jan. 18, 2024

About DTLA Art Night

DTLA Artnight is a cultural gathering where participating galleries debut new exhibitions from their fine arts collections. These collections will encompass various mediums from artists across LA, the U.S., and the world.

On the day of the DTLA Artnight, each Gallery will be a unique evening experience combining elements of the collections, the artists, music, and media. Guests to DTLA Art Night will be encouraged on a walking tour of the participating galleries, centered in Downtown’s Historic Core and starting at The Emerging Gallery - in the Historic Core of DTLA at 125 West 4th St #125, 90013.


Published Jan 15, 2024

FEATURED IN PRINT: CYANOTYPE SERIES “Mishpocheh” (Yiddish for family), 


Published Dec 15, 2023



In this cyanotype collage series titled “Mishpocheh” – (Yiddish for family), Iexplore the profound and haunting legacy of my Jewish ancestors.

Although most of my ancestors tragically perished inAuschwitz during WWII, my great Uncle Martin and great Aunt Eva toiled in theheart of darkness at Dachau but miraculously survived (both were liberated onApril 29, 1945).

Martin, Eva, and my grandmother managed to save photos oftheir extended family while in Dachau. Since I inherited the negatives andalbumen prints from my great Uncle Martin years back, I used them to createcyanotypes and new albumen prints for this collage series (to save theoriginals). Each image is a layer of time, a conscious choice to preservefragments of the past with archaic printing processes dating back to the mid-1800s when my great-great-grandparents were alive.

I have sought to bridge the chasm of time, weaving myancestors’ stories into visual tapestries of remembrance — a testament to theindomitable human spirit.

These artworks serve as both a memorial and a celebration —to reflect on deep human experiences, the resilience in the face ofunimaginable adversity, and the timeless power of art to transcend history andtouch our souls.

Flip Through Video

Featured Cyanotype Collages: 

About Photo Trouvée Magazine

"Photo Trouvée Magazine is a contemporary publication with a focus on vintage found photographs and nostalgia. Our publication and opportunities aim to showcase artists from around the world who work with or are inspired by found or family photos. Founded in 2020 by Twiggy Boyer and Juliana Naufel, Photo Trouvée Magazine was created out of a need for a place in the art world specifically dedicated to found photo artists. Since then, Photo Trouvée Magazine has become much more than just a magazine; our platform has hosted exhibitions, virtual artist residencies, collaborated with other platforms, and most importantly, created an international community where artists and collectors can make meaningful connections around their love and passion for found photographs."

Co-Founder - 

Juliana Naufel 

Juliana Naufel is a Brazilian artpreneur who uses affection as her primary subject. Her artworks are strongly influenced by the healing aspect of embroidering photographs as a way of making amends with the past. Naufel’s artworks are in a number of private collections around the world, including The Wonders of Women Museum, USA, and The Kanyer Art Collection, USA and Museu da Bandeira, Brazil. Naufel is one of the longlisted artists of Women United Art Prize 2021, and has received 3rd Place at the SeeingWomen 2020 Awards, by Photos de Femmes, France. She has participated in artist residencies in Brazil and exhibited in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. Naufel earned her MA Degree in Art Therapy from Universidade Cândido Mendes and her BA in Visual Arts from São Paulo’s State University and is represented by PxP Contemporary and Showfields. In February of 2020, Naufel Co-Founded Photo Trouvée Magazine -- a Contemporary Art Platform that showcases contemporary artists who use found photographs as a medium in their works.

Co-Founder -

Twiggy Boyer 

Twiggy Boyer is best known for her nostalgic mixed media collages often created using vintage found photographs. Boyer’s mixed media works explore themes of nostalgia, memories and connections and incorporate collage elements, drawing and painting. Born and raised in Paris, France, Twiggy studied painting and curatorial studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and graduated with a BFA in 2012. Boyer has been a part of a number of group exhibitions most notably at the Coral Springs Museum of Art and at Yale University, and has permanent works collected in the Doug & Laurie Kanyer Art Collection. Over the last 10 years, Twiggy Boyer has worked as a teaching artist in the museum education setting, as a full time elementary art teacher and in the form of teaching adult collage workshops. In February of 2020, Twiggy co-founded Photo Trouvée Magazine-- a Contemporary Art Platform that showcases contemporary artists who use found photographs as a medium in their works. She currently works and resides in South Florida with her daughter and partner.



Published Nov 25, 2023

I'm excited to share a fantastic piece of news with all of you! Recently, I had the incredible honor of being featured on Polaroid's official LinkedIn page. It's an acknowledgment that truly fills me with pride and gratitude.

Seeing my series "Day vs. Night Juxtapositions" recognized by a company as iconic and influential as Polaroid is an affirmation of the effort and passion I pour into my endeavors. To have my contributions highlighted in a space that celebrates innovation and creativity is a humbling experience.

Polaroid's platform is a hub of inspiration, showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives within the creative community. Being showcased among such talented individuals is a significant milestone in my journey.

The exposure and recognition this feature brings not only validates the hard work but also serves as motivation to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues in my field. I'm immensely thankful for this opportunity and the support from all who have been part of this journey.

I invite you all to join me in celebrating this achievement and to continue embracing creativity and innovation, as I do in all my endeavors. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates ahead by following my Instagram Page @Lenny__Gerard and my Pixel Pusher Blog!



Published Oct. 25, 2023

People are appropriating my work and I love it!

Funded in 2021, Polaroid Collage club, with over 10K followers on Instagram, unites collage artists from all around the world and provides weekly creative exercise based on visual prompts (Polaroid Photos from selected artists) open to all Collage Media and Techniques. I was selected with my image below for people to appropriate and make their own work with! Check out all that was/is still being made as it was just posted today! (Below the original photo that is being appropriated) 


Spectaculum Magazine, Vienna

Published Oct. 14, 2023

About Spectaculum Magazine

Spectaculum Magazine was created to showcase photography [from performance art, fine art, and photography.] Our magazine is a non-profit passion project, [global], based in Vienna, Austria.

“I was raised with a lot of traumas in my life, and I think that really changes how I see the world. I think that I was always raised to be on edge or fearful and I didn’t really know what it meant to be safe, and I think that really influences my work because I put so much emotion into it because I have so much emotion to give.

“Through my lens, I explore the transformative power of light, showcasing moments of transition as they unfold before me,” he explains. “My images are not mere snapshots of time but rather a meditation on the intricate interplay between natural and artificial illumination. In the realm of Polaroid photography, I find a unique canvas that allows me to freeze these fleeting moments in a tangible form, preserving the ethereal in a world often characterized by relentless motion."

"Each photograph in this series represents a carefully orchestrated dance between two distinct worlds. The daylight, with its soft and warm embrace, gradually surrenders to the enchanting mystery of nightfall. In these moments, urban landscapes and natural scenery undergo a metamorphosis, revealing a hidden narrative that can only be unearthed through the lens.”

“The performative aspect of my image making process is really dependent on the way that I choose to act on what is in front of me, just like actors improvise in accordance to what they have in front of them. And with these juxtapositions I use improvisation in the way that I use chance to create juxtapositions that are representations of chance on light, symmetry, and the frame within a camera. 


Wobneb Magazine, USA

Published Sep. 15, 2023

Cary Benbow, Wobneb Magazine:

Cary Benbow is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Greenfield, Indiana. His articles, interviews, and book reviews have been published in a range of online and print magazines, and his photography has been widely exhibited. Cary is a staff writer for F-Stop Magazine, a contributor to YIELD Magazine, and his writing has been featured in LensCulture, Vantage, Fujifeed, Photomachina, and ArtNarratives. Since 2012 he is the publisher and editor of Wobneb Magazine.

(Right) - Screen recording of article online. 

(Below) - Quote from article

"It is my hope that these images inspire reflection on the transient nature of existence, inviting us to appreciate the beauty that emerges in the spaces between light and darkness.

Through Polaroid photography, I strive to connect with audiences on an emotional level, offering them a glimpse into the timeless and enchanting realm where day and night embrace, forever frozen in an instant.” 

- Lenny Gerard


EyesOpen Magazine, Italy

Published Sep. 13, 2023

A Behind The Scenes Shot Went Viral!

I did not plan on this post to be featured! So grateful! I absolutely love this publication as I often am inspired by the artwork it features. Check it out here.

Instagram Story

ABOUT EyesOpen 

EyesOpen is dedicated to featuring young artists under 30 whom offer unique work to share with the work with fresh, new perspectives. Our featured artists are the future of photography. EyesOpen aims to give value to those who have it, but also finds space to tell their story and share it with the world.


The Commotion, Canada.

Published Sep 01, 2023



| 30in x 30in | 

Polaroid i-type Film with staples

Archival Pigment Print

Limited Edition 1/10


About Peppa Martin, Artist Curator for The Commotion Gallery:

Peppa is a gallerist, curator, art advisor and artist consultant, reviewer, career professional photographer, and independent writer on art and culture. Peppa was founder and director of Truth and Beauty, a commercial studio and storefront gallery of photography in Vancouver, Canada and repositioned online as The Commotion Digital Gallery now representing dozens of artists worldwide. 

"This new, all-digital platform expands our viewing audience, art network and global reach, while carrying forward the values, integrity, and pursuits that the urban gallery proudly possessed. Think of THE COMMOTION as Truth and Beauty's spirit ascended to 'the cloud', residing now as an integrated commercial virtual photography salon, operating in a sustainable sphere on the web."

Peppa is also affiliated with the following organizations: Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA), Vancouver Association for Photographic Arts (VAPA), Professional Photographers Association of BC (PPABC), World Photography Organization, CARFAC BC (Canadian Artists’ Representation).


"Day vs. Night Juxtaposition Polaroids" 

By Michael Behlen

Published July. 24, 2023

"Enter the realm of Lenny Gerard, a visionary artist who juxtaposes day and night shots of architectural marvels in an arresting critique of capitalism. Gerard's work, as captivating as it is contemplative, challenges the viewer to consider the implications of a system that values work over life, productivity over creativity."- Analog Forever Magazine

About The Author

Michael Behlen is an instant film addict and the founder and publisher of Analog Forever Magazine. Behlen is an obsessive community organizer in the film photography world, including previously launching the independent publishing projects PRYME Magazine and PRYME Editions, two enterprises dedicated to the art of instant film. Through these endeavors, he has featured and published 250+ artists from around the globe via his print and online publications.

He has self-published two Polaroid photobooks -“Searching for Stillness, Vol. 1” and “I Was a Pioneer,” literally a boxed set of his instant film work. His latest book, Searching for Stillness Vol II was published in 2020 by Static Age.

Behlen’s Polaroid photography can be found in various publications including Diffusion Magazine, Fraction Magazine, Seities Magazine, and Polaroid Now (Chronicle Books, 2021). He loves the magic sensuality of instant film: its saturated, surreal colors; the unpredictability of the medium; its addictive qualities as you watch it develop. He spends his time shooting instant film and backpacking in the California wilderness, usually a combination of the two.

Connect with Michael Behlen on his Website and on Instagram!




Published Feb. 17, 2023

Full interview HERE

...I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite artists and celebrity photographer, Lenny Gerard (Portfolio: LennyGerard.com). Gerard has worked with many of the biggest names in the industry, including Kim Petras (H&M), Madonna, Bon Jovi, George Takei, Adam Lambert, Don Lemon, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, and others. His work has been published on Netflix, Paramount, CNN, Huffington Post, CBS, and the list goes on....

Polaroid Day vs. Night Juxtaposition Archival Enlargement Prints in Gallery

Celebrities Photographed


Analog Forever Magazine

Published Dec. 30, 2022


Modern Visual Arts Gallery in Bethlehem, PA

Published Nov. 9, 2022

"Randy's" - 2022

Price upon Request - Lenny@LennyGerard.com

30'' x 30'' scanned at 6400 dpi and enlarged as fine art print, mixed media/instant-film, custom metal frame, archival quality fiber-bound, semi-gloss inkjet print. Mounted on Foamcore - Edition -/10 . Certificate of authenticity included. NFT also available. 

"Empire" - 2022

Price upon Request - Lenny@LennyGerard.com

30'' x 30'' scanned at 6400 dpi and enlarged as fine art print, mixed media/instant-film, custom metal frame, archival quality fiber-bound, semi-gloss inkjet print. Mounted on Foamcore - Edition -/10 . Certificate of authenticity included. NFT also available. 

EXHIBIT DATES: December 3, 2022 through January 5, 2023.

MVA (Modern Visual Arts) Gallery is devoted to exhibiting the work of talented artists of all levels (emerging to established) from every region of the United States. Specializing in paintings, watercolors, drawings, digital, printmaking, mixed media and photography, the Gallery encourages and supports the creative activities of artists who work in diverse styles – from representational to abstract, from traditional to avant-garde. With the highest standards of excellence, the Gallery creates a stimulating environment to view extraordinary contemporary art.

In addition to public exhibitions, our Gallery professionals are in close contact with decision-making private and corporate collectors, interior designers, auction organizers, curators and art consultants. The MVA Gallery Director – who worked in major New York City galleries, published art reviews in national magazines, and taught at NYU – will serve as an enthusiastic advocate for artists.


Won Film Shooters Collective 

International "Polaroid Week (Spring 2022)"

Published: Aug 17, 2022



Polaroid Week is a bi-annual celebration of instant film that is held on Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook that allows lovers of the medium to get together and share their newly created instant works. This year’s Fall Polaroid Week started on Sunday, October 23rd, and lasted until Friday, October 28th, and the world saw thousands of images being shared across the web. We watched the action unfold and The Film Shooters Collective chose 20 submission favorites including my own (pictured below) - out of thousands of amazing instant photographs to go see on Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook. So go check it out!

A Short description from Roid Week’s Group Pool on Flickr:

“We started POLAROID WEEK in 2006 to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project – to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film, and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work.”


Published Aug. 7, 2022


"Art as a universal language. Art as a way to face his inner demons. Lenny (@lenny__gerard) dedicates his free time to photography, creating several projects. For instance buying vintage Polaroids and taking photos of buildings by day and by night…" - Cowboys From Space

Interview - Global Understanding 

"I find the idea of global understanding deeply fascinating. I believe art is powerful as the greatest works are influential enough to travel around the world — from exhibit, to museum, to auction, and round again. Art carves a space in our minds that is unique to every individual. It has the power to create a reaction unique to whomever experiences it. Art is a way of recognizing oneself. "

Interview - Quote

"To take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never ending. You will never know all there is to know or discover and that inspires me to keep going and growing." 



Published July 14, 2022


We discover the modern world traps us in a boxwith our peers. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, Barbies arenaked, and you should be too. 

Beauty is only skin deep. 

Swimming in a pool where being trans ornon-binary is the norm. 

Lenny is pleased to present "INNER CHILD", a solo exhibition of works from 2021. 





Lenny Gerard grew up in San Diego, CA in an environment of music, art, books, photography, and various outdoor activities. His mother was a professional glass, textile, and fiber artist. Lenny attended Parsons School of Design in New York where he received his B.F.A. in Photography and a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Lenny is a Digital Campaign and Content Producer/Art Director. He’s worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix and NBC and continues to take on new clients.

Artist Statement: 

As a young boy, I never wanted to play with guns, toy tractors, or race cars. My mom knew and accepted that I was beginning to discover my sexuality, but she fully embraced it. 

My mom presented me with her coveted collection of barbies and barbie paraphernalia she had collected throughout her childhood. It was all in a 20-gallon plastic box. The box had a distinct smell when I opened it. I could almost taste the smell. I loved its nostalgic, pungent taste, like that of my grandmother’s perfume. I’ll never forget it. Somehow, my mom knew, as a boy, I’d enjoy the barbies. She was right. They became my everything.

Years later, I found myself in an emotional crisis. I needed to dive into a creative project to distract me from what was around me, my thoughts, and my feelings… So I dove into this box of barbies.

These photographs are an expression of my fascination with color, light, and shadow — and how they interplay with the emotional examination of a landscape. This series is an exploration of an unrealistic, unhealthy, insulting representation of the female appearance.

My goal is to transport the viewer into a surreal reality inspired by their inner child. As we grow from happy-go-lucky children into responsible adults, we leave behind the spirit of the child. We leave behind a curiosity, a wanting to play, and a sense of wonder and innocence. As adults, we must decide to return to that feeling.

In still-life photography, one must carefully choose props — placing them within a setting that provides context. Our childhood fascination with toys and collections, often put away in storage, comes out of the closet in these photos — Barbie reflected, flowered, and fried.

-Lenny Gerard

High-Traffic International SOLO SHOW In the Works w/ Dab Art Co.

Published June 3, 2022

About Dab Art Co. 

In 2011 Yessíca Torres opened H Gallery + Studios in Ventura, California. As co-owner and chief curator of H Gallery, Yessíca’s contemporary and modern program was a clear break from the conventional art scene that surrounded her. H Gallery’s progressive gallery design and ambitious exhibition schedule were received with immediate regional success. Her program made H Gallery one of the most prevailing contemporary art spaces in the greater Los Angeles area.

With the revelation that art exposure should not be limited by physical location, Yessíca independently established Dabster Arts Inc. (Dab Art Co.) in 2014. This distinctive art company is dedicated to enhancing the contemporary art experience for artists, collectors and viewers in and outside the gallery setting. Dab Art embraces the relentless evolution of contemporary art by featuring experimental artists, highlighting innovative techniques and utilizing technological advances.

Since its initial launch, the Dab Art Co. has expanded from simple gallery exhibitions to art publications, artist talks, panel discussions, video profiles, exhibition videos and documentary filmmaking; examining the process and identity of artists. Now in her 11th year, Yessíca has galleries in Ventura, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Austin and opening soon in Miami (Dec 2022).

Dab Art Co. Gallery Exhibitions and our Online Exclusive Exhibits garner views into the tens of thousands. Our long standing partnership with the online art sales platform ARTSY has proved to be an invaluable resource. With buyers from 130+ countries and an average transaction distance over 3,000 miles, ARTSY has provided the connections needed to grow our collector base. Our partner platform receives 2.2 million+ unique visitors every month across web and mobile which means artists and exhibitions featured by Dab Art Co. are well-positioned for optimal collector visibility. Dab Art Co. is in good company, Gagosian, Hauser & Wirth and Simon Lee also use this curated platform. 

            Other Gallery Locations Worldwide (Besides Los Angeles)

Mexico City
Proyectos Galería (PRPG.mx) is a Dab Art Co. gallery located in Colonia Juárez, Mexico City. This is a densely populated artsy neighborhood.
Art Basel is one of the worlds largest and most prestigious art fairs. Dab Art Co. participates in Art Basel Miami Beach
Sí Gallery is a brand new exhibition space built by the Dab Art Co. and located in the very trendy East Sixth neighborhood of Downtown Austin.
H Gallery + Studios is located in Ventura, California. This 10,000 square foot vintage 1930's building is dedicated to creatives & art entrepreneurs.
Mexico City
Proyectos Galería (PRPG.mx) is a Dab Art Co. gallery located in Colonia Juárez, Mexico City. This is a densely populated artsy neighborhood.
Art Basel is one of the worlds largest and most prestigious art fairs. Dab Art Co. participates in Art Basel Miami Beach
Sí Gallery is a brand new exhibition space built by the Dab Art Co. and located in the very trendy East Sixth neighborhood of Downtown Austin.
H Gallery + Studios is located in Ventura, California. This 10,000 square foot vintage 1930's building is dedicated to creatives & art entrepreneurs.
Mexico City
Proyectos Galería (PRPG.mx) is a Dab Art Co. gallery located in Colonia Juárez, Mexico City. This is a densely populated artsy neighborhood.
Art Basel is one of the worlds largest and most prestigious art fairs. Dab Art Co. participates in Art Basel Miami Beach
Sí Gallery is a brand new exhibition space built by the Dab Art Co. and located in the very trendy East Sixth neighborhood of Downtown Austin.
H Gallery + Studios is located in Ventura, California. This 10,000 square foot vintage 1930's building is dedicated to creatives & art entrepreneurs.

Lenny's Polaroid Enters the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)!

Published June 1, 2022

Polaroid juxtaposition (cut) SERIES has reached over consecutive 45 pictures!

Published April 29, 2022

Day vs. Night Juxtaposition Polaroid series has now hit over 45 pictures. Walt Disney Music Hall photo Entering the L.A.C.M.A. bookstore (4th below)!

Sí Gallery/SXSW Exhibition Closing

Published March 20, 2022

Gallery in Austin, Texas comes to a close. Featured art piece "BarFbie" from Vanity Series gained much attention and sold outside of the exhibit. Successful promotion indeed. It was great that this gallery was in a row of museums and galleries next to and during SXSW which heavily increased exposure on my work. Thank you Sí Gallery, again for the opportunity of a lifetime! 

Read more about the gallery: 

Sí Gallery is a brand new exhibition space built by the Dab Art Co. and located in the very trendy East Sixth neighborhood of Downtown Austin.

East Sixth is hipster central for Austin. It’s home to honkytonks, dive bars, and restaurants. It’s also home to several live music venues, notably The White Horse and Hotel Vegas, both of which serve Austin’s budding musical talent. Home to the new Tesla headquarters and the famed SXSW (South By Southwest) Festival. The eclectic local population of artists, professionals and techie's have made their home on “the Eastside” of Austin creating a unique and thriving downtown district.

Purchased Piece: "BARFbie" - Vanity (Conceptual Series) Archival Framed 30''x20'' Print

"Vanity" series


Gallery Show in Downtown Los Angeles

Published January 20, 2022

OPEN: FEBRUARY 26 - APRIL 23, 2022


The Dab Art Co. is pleased to present PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO NOTICE at their Main Street Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The title and concept their 8th annual photo exhibition in Los Angeles comes from a quote from Arthur Fleck in 2019's JOKER film. PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO NOTICE; is an observation that Arthur makes about peoples reaction to transition from insignificant and average to the menacing joker realized at the end. His transition into the sinister version of himself is mimicked in the chaos of the public's unrest of their current economic and social plights. Eerily similar to our current climate of unrest due to the pandemic, in-spite of personal setbacks Arthur realizes his true self and takes form. 


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