I am mesmerized by a creative world where plant photography displays wonderful organisms in their unique form. I began to experiment with these forms by photographing and saturating their backgrounds to enhance their plant-like qualities of shape, color, line, form, and life. I explored an avenue of contrast that was different, that popped and drew attention to these fascinating living organisms. I then documented my journey within rare plant species. My first photographs were posted on my Instagram blog @Ondagrass in 2016, which to date continues to post content. I have become fascinated with cacti, succulents, and plants since I purchased a few for my balcony. As they grew and bloomed, I became invested in their growth and considered them a promise for tomorrow.

In 2018 I became enthralled with a succulent species named Lithops (often called “living stones”). Their appearance and attributes have led me to unique plant shops, rare private greenhouses, collector's backyards, plant swaps, and beyond. I have become part of a community that is passionate, nurturing, and knowledgeable about these extraordinary living forms and beyond. Rare plants have become a collection that now surrounds my life and inspires my creativity. I am grateful for my southern facing balcony and for my cat that doesn’t treat my indoor plants like a salad bar.

In combining my creativity, photography, and passion for rare plants, I hope to inspire those who claim to have no time, space, or a knack to nurture a plant, to reflect and add a beautiful, often amazing versatile, and convenient plant to their lives. They are wonderful living companions!

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