With experience as the former Head of Global Social Media channels at multi-billion dollar international companies, I've worked with large social media brands and teams worldwide to create engaging social strategies that drive high engagement and business growth. My work has been featured in CNN, at The LACMA museum, The Washington Post, WIRED, Vogue, AXS, The Huffington Post, and other world-known publications. 

 I now lead strategy for companies around the world, from household name brands like Target and Costco to emerging startups from all niches. 


 When you search for social media strategies online or for social media professionals, you tend to come across the same repeated advice all the time: 

• how often to post 

• use content themes 

• use a publishing tool to schedule your posts 

• offer value to your audience 

 Note: these are not strategies. They are all basic tactics in need of a strategy to support. Just like any other business function, social media requires a strategy to set a clear path forward to success. And that's what I do for my clients. I bring the same strategic process used by the big brands to your company's social media presence. 

How the process works: I'll work with you to deliver the following: - an actionable audit of your industry, to understand & analyze what your peers and competitors are doing. - a "Blue Ocean" social media strategy for your brand or organization that sets content pillars and channel priorities. - a social media channel roadmap to the future. - social media analytics framework so you can constantly measure and improve with ease. 


In less than a decade, social media has completely reshaped how we live, work, and communicate. It's where people turn to when they're looking to discover, learn, be entertained, and buy—and it’s an essential platform to build your brand, uncover strategic insights and trends, and connect more closely with your customers. Whether you're looking for a content strategy for TikTok (our future), Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, or Reddit or you need a strategic audit of your current social media channels (or competitors), I'm your guy. I also provide white label services to agencies. If your agency does not have in-house social media strategy expertise, I can white label my work for your clients.

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