My graphic design practice is iterative, empathetic, and collaborative. From my paper piles of thumbnails to the precision of a pixel, I like to tell beautiful stories that matter. I work within the entire Adobe Suite. I'm a master retoucher. I can develop your passion project with eye-catching branding, packaging, web design, and illustrations. I work with branding and identity, Illustrations and iconography, website design, and produce social media content in various forms. I create through my graphic design work: assets, content, and landing pages that are impactful and will help communicate the brand’s goals and services and increase ROI. 

Every project is going to be different, but this is the usual structure that I like to follow as best practices:

1. RESEARCH: Understand the client’s goals and objectives of the project along with developing mood boards based off of the client’s vision.

2. CONCEPT: Use the research and develop at least 2-3 rough concepts then review with the client to finalize a direction.

3. DESIGN: The designing and production phase — where all the assets are developed or prototyped to be reviewed by the client.

4. REVIEW: Back and forth feedback with the client regarding design or copy changes before the finalization of the assets. Up to at least 2-3 versions of proofs.

5. FINALIZE: Once the project is approved, all the assets will be finalized, files packaged up, and sent off to the client. 

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